Would You Do Your evryday Makeup Routine on Sephora if You Could?

When does sampling become stealing?

Kat Von D. Eyesight Contour Palette: $46.

Charotte Tilbury Flat Revolution Lipstick: $42.

Josie Maran Vibrancy Foundation: $45.

We haven’t even gotten to the impact, mascara, eyeliner, and the natural skin care, and we’re by now over $100. Beauty definitely has its price and we all pay it, at some level.

Now there are some women who have found loopholes in paying for high quality makeup. As an alternative to finding less expensive possibilities, they’re simply planning to Sephora and Ulta on a regular basis, often daily, and carrying out their makeup regimen in store. Is this professional or crazy? You actually be the judge of your, but it’s most certainly not hygienic. More than 50% of items – dry or wet – have some type of bacteria in them.

So just how are they getting away on this frequent “sampling”? Salespeople in both Sephora and Ulta will not be on commission and are also told not to always be pushy. Customers are capable of explore and decide that which you want to buy for ourselves. Regardless of their leniency, has them come to the point where we would like to stick it “the man” or even whoever is powering this $63 billion dollar business??Yet, who are all of us to judge if a attempting administrative assistant simply can’t afford high?quality fragrance and walks in every day at lunch for any spritz?

There’s virtually no ethical way to bring a line, nevertheless we do wonder what’s going on in their heads. Do they really sample frequently as they cannot afford it or maybe because they think they already have earned it after buying so many other products?

What do you think? How often can you partake in samples on Sephora or Ulta?





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