Sephora Launches In-Store PERK Facials

Sephora stores have a very variety of perks, including but not limited to, custom makeovers, personal one-on-ones and sweetness Studio classes. But none have garnered more excitement than its newest inclusion with the PERK Hydrating Facial (I\’m talking about, how perfect is name?!), an upmarket skin-care treatment in partnership with The HydraFacial Company.

The premium 30-minute service, utilized by fancy technology, occur in one or two steps. To start, an approved Sephora consultant implements a \”Moisture Meter\” to measure hydration levels and see your skin. Next, all makeup and debris is taken away having a cleanser, and then the exact treatment, that is split into two parts.

First, as outlined by a press release, \”a nourishing solution that exfoliates the epidermis, revealing a smoother, more even surface. The specialized cleansing tip acts as a vacuum to suction impurities through the skin. The patented roller-flex technology deeply cleans while prepping for the delivery of step # 2.\”

Step two is a hydrating and brightening serum, delivered to your sensitive skin by the PERK machine. Afterwards, the consultant will apply tabs cream and moisturizer to preserve and amplify the many benefits of the procedure. They\’ll also provide a?personalized digital skin-care guide?that has product recommendations and application tips, all of which is often conveniently emailed towards customer.

And according to Cosmopolitan, you can view many of the facial debris vacuumed from a face in a very jar. We\’re both disgusted and intrigued.?(See a full explainer on the treatment above.)

Of course, there are some caveats for the new PERK program. First of all, it\’s only for sale in 100 stores through the U.S. therefore far, no announcements happen to be manufactured to expand beyond that. It\’s also not completely free; you will need to spend money with a minimum of $75 before that great complimentary treatment that you can schedule online at, with the Sephora app or by calling a store. Then there is always a selection of a walk-in appointment.

While the $75 minimum may be a lot for a lot of, we\’d say this is usually a damn ton, along with the cost of facials at traditional spas. Kudos to Sephora for demystifying the facial experience and allowing it to be more accessible. Know more about the program at Sephora\’s website.

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