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The amount of money Zoella made a year ago is insane

We have a very bedroom; we have a cabinet brimming with cosmetic foundations; therefore we have a phone having a camera that connects online pretty easily. So why aren\’t we making 50, 000 a month?

Because apparently it is exactly what Zoella makes.

According to your Sunday Times, between March and November in 2009, the YouTube superstar created whopping?400,000, which fits out at?a?50,000?monthly salary.

She\’s only 25, but?Zoe Sugg has over Tens of millions of YouTube subscribers, will be the author (kindof…she admitted it was actually ghostwritten) of the bestselling book and, as we mentioned, she makes enough moolah to retire just about whenever she likes.

She lives in a five-bedroom house with your ex boyfriend, fellow YouTuber,?Alfie Deyes and basically, she\’ll do zero wrong.?

The thing that makes Zoella more bankable than you or me? Did she get lucky or does she have that genuine?je ne sais pas?

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