The revolutionary face of Urban Decay is a coolest ever

Once every so often a bonafide star arrives. During the past year, it turned out Ruby Rose.

So, we\’ve only seen her in Orange will be the New Black as well as that she didn\’t have a particularly big part but man, does she have charisma. And well, check out her.

Urban Decay is recognized?for having a bit of an edge (hello, Gwen Stefani) and when you had been to what happens type of makeup Ruby wears this would apt to be it.

Ruby\’s actual job title due to her Urban Decay role is \’Most Addictive?New?Vice\’. UD\’s founding partner?Wende Zomnir explains: \”the Urban Decay girl is?but not only?the best within the, but also the nicest.?So when Ruby Rose hit the scene, we were immediately hooked:?with?her badass look, f***-it attitude and playful spirit, she nails?what it really ways to be?feminine, dangerous and fun. She rocks high fashion with sleeve tattoos and a bold lip with?an edgy haircut. ?And?now, she\’s officially joined the emblem as our Most Addictive?New?Vice.\”

Do you want Ruby\’s look? You think she fits the Urban Decay brand?

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