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Has Kylie Jenner found a miraculous spot remover?

We are all aware from the Kardashians at this stage;?even my mother knows who Kylie Jenner is a this stage which says a whole lot.

It appears to me that the majority of product brands are getting more popualr to the diet supplements of products, and prefer it or otherwise not, it does the job. Even knowing the money and brains that goes within the marketing behind these endorsements, occasionally I still am swayed to obtain a few of the?peddled products during the thought that I too might end up looking like said celebrity.

Such is the power marketing. Sigh.

The latest merchandise that Kylie Jenner is hawking is?Badescu Drying Lotion ($17.20) and against my better judgement, I\’m intrigued.

A?spot treatment, created using a blend of calamine and salicylic acid, Drying Lotion supposedly clears up and soothes unsightly whiteheads overnight without irritating the surrounding skin.

Kylie provides the lotion on her Snapchat showing her fans how she applies it which includes a cotton bud and leaves it on overnight.

Image from Kylie Jenner\’s Snapchat

My thoughts: calamine and salicylic acid are generally two things that I can tell discussing an then and there treatment. Neither ingredient is totally or exceptionally amazing, and they also can both be observed in a wide range of other acne related products available.

If you can get the odd spot, I am certain this system may help; perhaps not overnight, but more through consecutive times of use. It certainly won\’t will you any harm no matter what, if you don\’t have got a sensitivity to salicylic acid. Should you have numerous spots, however, and more associated with an acne-prone skin, you can find better and even more efficient products available.

I probably have that sales of this product boosts massively, because of Kylie\’s nod, so with a business mindset, Mario Badescu, I salute you.

Have you each tried any miraculous?overnight spot treatment you ought to share with us?

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