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Hair damaged and dyed? This incredible remedy will take your hairs back to normal

If you intend to recover and repair your damaged hair, use this, yeast based, masks and put it to use for your damaged hair 2 times a week for Six to eight weeks. If you discover necessary , you might repeat this procedure in Ninety days.


  • One tablespoon of honey
  • One tablespoon of warm milk
  • Half cup of fresh yeast

Take one glass. As glass put one tablespoon of warm milk and add one tablespoon of honey. Then add activity 20 grams of fresh yeast and stir the mix exceptionally well.

After you stir the mix very well, let it rest in warm spot for 15-20 minutes as a way to start fermenting (growing). That point on take the mixture and apply on wet and washed hair. System that can help must apply this mixture into the roots of the hair then slowly together with the fingers navigate to the tips.

Next step you should do is to wrap flowing hair in a warm towel or perhaps plastic bag. It is crucial and a lot of important step, because warmness caused of warm towel, creates the perfect conditions for the increase of the yeast fungi. When these fungi are increased, the number of minerals, vitamins and proteins will also be increased. This is crucial , because that way every deeply in hair follicle.

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