Your hairs will grow 2 times faster with the assistance of this recipe

Hair growth is a matter of genes, but certain external and internal factors affect this procedure. Do-it-yourself solutions can achieve miracles on your hair, and they\’ve got undergone hands of the many generations. If using a long and glossy tresses are still a dream for you personally, we\’ve the very best recipe for you personally. Will you possibly consider that red onions can assist you reduce hair thinning, stop graying and even excite your hair growing way quicker?

Red onions contain sulfur, that is very important to the collagen production. Collagen is really important for regrowth. Red onion juice improves the circulation of blood while in the scalp. It reduces skin inflammation, owing to its strong antibacterial properties. Every time they visit the head of hair stronger, open your follicles and prevent any infections. You\’re surprised by the final results of the treatment within a month!


Clean and dice 2-4 onions. Squeeze out their juice. Blending onions is another option, but juicing is the best solution. Stir from a tablespoon of honey.
Gently rub the juice on your scalp. Get out on for 15-30 minutes. You could do not like its smell, but it\’s sure definitely worth the effort. For optimal results, you can the juice on a great hour. Rinse your own hair as always.
Repeat the treatment 2-3 times per month.

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