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Miraculous Green paste will eradicate flowing hair fall and provide you with thick and strong smooth hair

Hair loss may be due to various factors, including harsh shampoos, chemicals, pollution etc. Luckily, additionally there is a natural remedy which can give excellent results.Belongings you will have to turn this Miracle Green mask:

  • 1 medium size, fully ripe Avocado (Butter fruit)
  • Olive Oil, 2 teaspoon
  • 1 Egg, only the white part
  • A small?grinder jar?to mix the components in

How to make the mask
Cut the avocado and remove the seed from it. Scoop the pulp and place the pulp during the Grinder jar. Add 2 teaspoons of Olive Oil within it as well as the white part with the egg.

Now mix the contents utilizing a spoon first, then grind the mix. You may get a thick green paste.

How to work with the mask
Just apply this paste against your scalp and hair, and massage with fingers. Now cover top of your head with a plastic bag an let it stay An hour. This can increase features about all nutrients obtained in mask.

Avocados are the richest cause of Biotin; biotin is biggest nutrient for new hair growth. What\’s more, it makes hair thick and grow faster. This green mask is filled with healthy nutrients like protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin e d-alpha, Omega-3, this this nutrients will supercharge your new hair growth.

You should work with this mask twice per week, for one month. You will come across the astonishing potent regrowth.

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