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This 100% natural technique to help make your hair black in only 30 minutes without the damage

Grey hair or white hair is considered as sign for retirement years, with those trying to find new ways to keep their natural hair color. Nobody wants gray hairs to ruin their looks and appear older, and that\’s why many people are wanting to cover the matter with hair dyes. Ths issue is always that most hair dyes are brimming with chemicals that create more harm than good. They are able to cause allergies, trigger hair loss and even darken your skin layer.

Today We\’re letting you know a 100% natural method, made with organic products. It will not only help make your hairs black but in addition stops baldness. As it is all-natural method, absolutely no way of side-effects or hair damage.


  • 8 cloves
  • 1 tablespoon of black tea
  • 2 cups of distilled water
  • 1/3 a cupful of walnut shells

Put the river inside of a pot, you can add the constituents once it starts boil and simmer for the next 20 minutes. Eventually, take out the pot from heat, allow the mixture relax than strain it. Utilize mixture being a simple hair re-generator C put it to use with your hair once you\’ve washed it and then leave it to dry. Repeat the process daily till you attain the desired hair color.

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