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How can this be Lush massage bar making plants grow in showers?

When is natural too natural? OK fine, nothing is usually too natural, however i dunno, when plants start growing within your bathroom just because a chunk of your soap grouped into the plughole, well, I am not saying down with that.

The Lush Wiccy Magic Muscles is perpendicularly A-grade natural. Its function should be to loosen up muscles, and the aduki beans which are stuck involved with it that handles the guarana plant growing.

Twitter users have been documenting their Wiggy Magic Muscles plant tales:

Now, I\’m not sure with regards to you, even so the very I\’m going to do after the shower is usually to go trying to find things which fall from my soap. My bathroom may be very cold.

Do you select natural products? Has anything along these lines ever happened to your bathrooms? And therefore are you happy with that?

Via Popsugar

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