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Proof we\’ve reached peak contouring craziness

There\’s always an individual that takes it much. Often to have, I\’ve found see your face is me. Currently, my pals, Practical goal man\’s bullseye sweet who\’s got tipped the shape aside from the acceptable level.

Now, let me be clear. I love an effective, subtle contour. Cheekbones-that-you-could-slice-ham-on quickly? Yes, please. I\’ll take a few them.

But you can find policies damn it. You can check out three of our some tips here.

Or maybe you\’ve a period of time to spare along with a friend that is a fiend for blending and you also need to go on it into the extreme. Well, look no further for entire body contouring is demonstrated within the account of Instagrammer-extraordinaire, Lilly Ghalichi.

And I reckon she looks amazing – well, both after and before really but the truth is are able to see the final results of the work of contouring minion.

Come returning to me when I\’m packing for my summer holidays and am wanting a cosmetic washboard….

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