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Is it mascara really greater than sex?

Too Faced Cosmetics are making an exceptionally bold statement by naming their mascara \” Far better than Sex\”. But, is it the next marketing ploy or perhaps this mascara really that great?

Having just launched a water-resistant type of their hugely successful \”Better than Sex\” mascara, Too Faced Cosmetics have continued growing their iconic collection, keeping the renowned hour glass shaped brush which applies the collagen-fueled?formula that thickens, lengthens and curls the lashes to give them that doll-like look that you just want.

For me, waterproof mascara has become something I am inclined to avoid. Don\’t misunderstand me; it is good for certain occasions in places you feel you might get teary eyed like weddings or funerals, but configuring it off cannot only pull out your individual lashes?but additionally boost the wrinkles around up your eyes from excess rubbing. No thanks.

My lashes before


What really is interesting about it one though is it includes a \”melt-off\” remover that you just apply in your lashes, as you would a normal mascara, let it sit on for One minute, plus it melts over waterproof mascara.

I havenrrrt heard of you, but I\’m excited to test it. I\’ll inform you the way goes.

So far, at $23 you cannot not work out with this particular mascara, but is it wiser than sex? For me, it is just good marketing.

Have you tried this yet?

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