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Beauty essences explained – plus a brand new one from Lancome

There a multitude of natual skin care products out there lately, it\’s really a minefield knowing the best places to even begin, but manning belongs to the thrill, don\’t you find it? It\’s not often that something lands on my desk where I don\’t automatically find out what it\’s for, that is exactly what happened when Lancome\’s newest Hydra Zen product?was sitting in front of me.

On the bottle, it just says \”Anti-Stress Beauty Essence\”, which sounds great, but what exactly is it? A toner? Cleanser? Serum? Light mask? Gel Moisturiser?

The simple solution is no, it\’s none of these, which begs the issue again – the facts?

Beauty Essences are big in Korea, in which the K-Beauty fans typically be?well before?the overall game in a big way ?- do you remember not long ago when BB & CC Creams shot to popularity? Along with the new?buzz about cushion foundations? That every were only available in Korea.

The idea behind these \”essences\” is because really are a stepping stone within your beauty routine, offering an instantaneous hit of moisture into the skin, whether used alone or as prep for either more natual skin care or make-up.

Before & After – as the formula changes from a gel-like consistency to water

When pumped on to a hand, Lancome\’s Hydra Zen Beauty Essence ($39) appears like a gel, though the minute you touch it, it can be like water, and that is?when you are able massage it of the epidermis. It absorbs quickly, leaving skin feeling really refreshed, comfortable and hydrated without having residue at all.

As a make-up artist, it is the exact style of result I\’d like to see when focusing on a graphic shoot as it means make-up is true straight away, that to entirely clean skin, but skin that is hydrated, plumped and prepared for make-up.

Lancome Hydra Zen Beauty Essence $39

For everyday use, this tends to be instantaneously shot of moisture for people who suffer from dehydration brought on by changeable weather/stress/lack respite etc, but you\’re very pleased with their natual skin care routine usually.?Some might believe everything seems a little gimmicky nonetheless learned that this works, and works fast in the process, therefore it\’s a thumbs up from me!

Do beauty essences intrigue you? Could you test it?

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