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Finding the proper foundation for your personal type of skin is just about the hardest thing for those to do, especially taking into consideration the greater part of us are usually not blessed with perfect skin.

One of the best foundations available on the market is Armani\’s Luminous Silk Foundation, when the newest Maestro Glow arrived in my desk, I had high hopes. But, I was sadly disillusioned.

The reason for this new foundation is?to give the skin an all natural radiance?and improve the skin\’s natural complexion in the nourishing but non-oily?way – neither which it did for me. The fact is, it did the exact opposite.

Now, I\’ve always struggled with my skin. From age 12- 18 I had to endure severe acne (if you missed my article regarding this, read it?here.)?But as you can imagine, even though the acne cases are gone, the scars, open pores and uneven texture are?still greatly there. I also still exceptionally oily skin, so throughout the day, it does get much more oily, specially in my t-zone.

This foundation is oil based?also it separates, as a result it needs to be shaken some time before application. During the bottle, it looks slightly shimmery so before I even accomplished it out I knew it wasn\’t planning to develop my type of skin.

As you will observe, the end result looked?pretty horrible on my skin. It highlighted my blemishes, open pores, face lines, and overall just made my face look shiny, and even worse, feel wet even with I powdered it.

These method of \”glowing\” finish foundations really are simply for people who already flawless skin, as they will highlight any imperfection.?So, should you have no lines or wrinkles, this will let you normal to dermititis type, this will likely possibly be your favourite foundation. On anybody else, this formula will still only highlight your imperfections.

Have you had this experience within \’glow effect\’ foundations? Or are you one of many lucky few who could get away with them?

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