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This week, there we were all from the mood for shaking away from the winter woollies and adopting an innovative facelift for spring; Amy Huberman provided the muse footwear-wise, so we listed these products you will must own to the season.

We were also getting our shine begin by far the most gorgeous highligher (and dupe!), we tested a mascara that statements to be superior than sex and we started packing for the summer holidays.

1.?Amy Huberman?wore shoes that needs later on in life this SS16.?

2.Getting that perfect glow is not difficult because of this highlighter – and in some cases easier which consists of dupe!

3. Could this mascara be a lot better than doing the deed?!

4. Seven products you need in your own makeup bag this spring.?

5.?Dubliners got their casual/chic glad rags on for that Bow Street Sessions.?

6.?The five summer dresses?to cause you to choose to book your summer holiday STAT.?

7. As well as winner of Cheltenham\’s Best Dressed Lady…is actually a lady from Tyrone!

8. Where safer to eat your brekkie on Paddy\’s Day than you are on the M&S Grafton Street Rooftop Caf

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