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5 Moisturizing Myths to quit Believing Now

Women are already preaching the power of moisturizer for generations. Nevertheless there is zero doubt today that it\’s a must-have component of any skincare routine, here are a few old wives\’ tales about face cream still becoming more common that may be within your beauty game. From trusting your lotion\’s sun protection to putting product on dermititis, we\’re revealing the most notable five myths about moisturizer it is best to stop believing ASAP.

Most moisturizers have mix of water-attracting humectants and occlusive ingredients to lock hydration in, says Dr. Benjamin Barankin, a Toronto dermatologist and medical director of Toronto Dermatology Centre. The difference, he notes, is best of luck carries a range of ingredients in a variety of concentrations, making up the range of formulas featuring unique consistencies (think cream vs. lotion vs. ointment). Which all will be to say, there is absolutely no such thing being a one-size-fits-all product, so always decide on a moisturizer you heard right in your skin type. L\’Or

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