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Halsey Debuts New Neck Tattoo

Halsey?has morphed into our favorite hair chameleons, rocking everything from cornrows towards a platinum blonde pixie. But she\’s also compiled an extraordinary tattoo collection; over 20, being exact. And this past weekend, she included to her ink repertoire inside a pretty ballsy spot.

The neck is often a tricky area for tattoos and frankly, you can\’t say everyone can accomplish it. Size and matter; otherwise, it really is distracting within a unattractive way. That\’s the reason we\’re particularly enamored with Halsey\’s neck tattoo, completed by Jon Boy, who\’s most likely the most recognizable ink artist in Hollywood.

In accent the 23-year-old singer, he\’s also worked with a who\’s who of Tinseltown, including?Hailey Baldwin, Justin Bieber and Kylie Jenner, all while making minimalist designs the must-have trend within the moment. 90\’s babies will immediately recognize the words \”I\’m a loser baby\” since it is lifted from of the most popular songs from that decade: \”Loser\” by Beck.

The delicate script font and size are garnering a great deal of praise in Jon Boy\’s Instagram comments section, but fans are equally obsessed with the drawings Halsey suitable for two tattoos boyfriend G-Eazy.

The couple that inks together, stays together-right? Only time will tell.

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