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Which blush is correct for you?

A pop of colour on your cheeks will make you look healthier, fresher and more awake in under 10 seconds. And, despite the fact that it’s possible for most of us to pull of a range of hues, there’s most definitely a craft to choosing the right dry for your skin tone and kind.

Powder blushes offer serious staying power plus more often that not, deal with oilier skin types. If you have a new blemish or dark-colored spot on your oral cavity, a powder blush will layer easily over the top of your cover-up while a ointment blush can scrub away your platform.

The Blush

NARS x Guy Bourdin Limited Edition Blush in Working day Dream $45

Got dried-out skin? Cream and mousse blushes add much-needed moisture for you to dehydrated and older skin. These fairly pops of colour can also leave your dewy, more natural-looking flush, building your skin look lighted from within.? When selecting a cream solution, remember to apply before your powder snow bronzer and after your foundation. Setting, apply a finishing powdered over the top of your gel blush.


YSL Crme de Impression, $66

Revlon PhotoReady Crme Blush, $26.95

Cheek stains
are advised applied using arms onto the apples within your cheeks. Once dried, they won’t budge and they can resist against smudging. Perfect for balmy beach days, a cheek stain also increases a flattering lips colour.


Benefit Benetint, $55

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