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5 A piece of cake Tactics to get Heavy, shiny and healthy hair

These are certainly quick and simple tricks you can each day each. Make a routine and follow this all tricks every week and you\’ll definitely get beautiful hairs.

STEP 1 –?Moisturize
Moisturize nice hair with natural ingredient like Aloe-vera gel. Squeeze from the gel from natural aloe-vera leaf and massage your scalp along with it. Spread a thick layer the gel in your hair by leaving it for A couple of hours. Then rinse it well with water that is clean.

STEP 2 – Comb your hair

This could be the starting point where you prepare and de-tangle?your hairs. Start combing from roots of hair and move comb until tip of hair strands.

STEP 3 – Oil massage
Massage your scalp and hair with a bit of extra quantity of oil than usual. I\’m keen on Virgin Organic extra-virgin olive oil. Then sleep with the oil against your hairs.

Next morning (Second day)

STEP 4 – Hair wash
Wash the hair gently together with your regular shampoo and after that apply your conditioner. Rinse your hair well the dry your hairs.

STEP 5 – Apply hair lotion?
Utilising an non-sticky hair lotion will deliver extra shine and glow in your hair. You need to use Livon hair potion with this.

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