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Dry scalp and dandruff increases baldness. Eliminate them instantly

Dandruff is a common disorder within the scalp that could be a result of dry and irritated oily skin, bacteria and fungus infection for the scalp. It is just a harmless condition that happens when the scalp becomes dry or greasy. Here are two natural getting lessen them:

1. Curd : Apply plain curd in your hair and then leave it for five minutes.
Next massage your scalp with the finger tips 5 more minutes. Wash the curd off and shampoo flowing hair. Curd will wash in the dead skin cells from you scalp. Natural acid of curd will polish your hair provides it a shiny fresh look.

3. Olive oil : Try taking a little olive oil and warm it on the pan.

Also create a warm towel. No use the warm oil against your scalp and massage it for a few moments. Now wrap the head of hair in warm towel whilst keeping it for Forty-five minutes. Then you can shampoo and condition your hair.

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