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Makeup for Valentine’s C Soft Look

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Valentine’s Day is all about red and lilac. Red decorations, crimson dresses, and of course red-colored lipstick. But Romantic evening is supposed to be about honoring your love for your partner, plus truthfully, the majority of the male is not a fan for lipstick. While crimson lipstick is exciting, it’s not the most kissable and not a great choice for the best date night.


Over the years, I’ve talked to many men concerning makeup and I compiled a lot of information about what that they like when it comes to beauty. An advanced fan of VIVA Class, you’re definitely hot for makeup so can be a look I suggest with the big V-Day.


FOUNDATION: Light, dewy though not overly shimmery. By pass the highlighter on the point of your nose while keeping it very concluded on your cheekbones.

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