Don’t Be Afraid to be Bold: DIY At-Home Hair Coloring Tips from Brian O’Connor

Brian O’Connor is the Creative Representative for goodDYEyoung, a frizzy hair color brand formed by Paramore’s Hayley Williams.

Purple hair is not just for rockstars. It’s with the rockstar in every one of individuals. The same goes for bright yellow, green, blue, and also rainbow hair. Nonetheless any glam girlfriend with hefty elegance knowledge knows that a rainbow hair we come across on Instagram isn’t easy and also cheap to reproduce. Luckily, with this product, it got a good deal easier and very affordable.

goodDYEyoung (GDY) invites you to check out their bold, brilliant, show-stopping hair color. Contrary to many hair colour brands, its device is eco-friendly, infused with natural conditioners, vegan plus cruelty-free, and encased within green packaging, very!

Creative Director Brian O’Connor stocks and shares his tips with us on how to create the loud and unapologetic hair colouring that you’ve always wanted to look at.

  1. ??????If you’re deciding amongst pink and pink, and will do the alternative color a month eventually, always go with the particular lighter color to begin with. It will fade out and you could put the darker colouring over it. Red, blue and green are usually harder to get of your hair and trickier to cover up.
  2. ??????Plan on the item taking 2-3 hours (specially when doing a double method).
  3. ??????Be patient! It may take a few weeks to achieve what you need.
  4. ??????Remember what you found out in Kindergarten: do as instructed.
  5. ??????A timer can be your best friend- SET A single!
  6. ??????Avoid wearing what you may don’t wanna damage; it can get sloppy quick. Designate certain towels for the job. Don’testosterone use the good ones.
  7. ??????You should not over-process when bleaching.
  8. ??????Rinse off your hair out truly, really well.
  9. ??????Never utilize conditioner before applying colour to pre-lightened hair. GDY possesses conditioning ingredients in the formula; it is your moisturizing hair product.
  10. ??If you’re bold colour curious, but not wholly commited, try a clip-in color proxy first.


You can purchase tresses color by goodDYEyoung here!




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