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New Trends in Extreme Lip Colorings

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We all spotted the transition off from safe, “common” colors during nail polish, however , did you expect to see that same transition in lips color? What’s modern today in terms of leading color is substantially different than the last decade… we’actu talking major changes. How so? Shut down your nude, impact colored, pale pink and deep velvety colors, and make home for the most beautiful, vibrant, and extreme major colors!


Don’t Away Your Classic

Before we continue what’s current due to this year and advise you on how to stay ahead of a lip color challenge, we want to provide a small disclaimer: bold, lovely, fire engine purple never goes out of model, so do not dump it. Red is equally dramatic and classy, and is the perfect pop with color for anyone. Dress it up or attire it down, however , classic red is a must have for any make up pack.


A subtle transition to help wild and crazy can be found in the fuchsia top rated color; think of it as a safe and secure way to stay in model this fall. Not to ever be confused with the same incredibly hot pink you’d locate on a Barbie automobile, this fuchsia is a greater, darker “hot” color of which closely resembles a new purple, though can still be easily considered any bright pink.



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