7 Beauty Compounds You Didn't Learn Were Harmful

So you’ve decided to go clear. You’ve detoxed your pantry and made your house chemical-free,?but have you considered your beauty wardrobe?

Like food labels, the ingredients list available on your favourite beauty items can seem like it’s written in a foreign terms. However, while it’s safe to follow your “don’t touch it folks who wants pronounce it” rule utilizing edible goodies, cosmetic makeup products are a little more troublesome C would you guess methylsulfonylmethane is certainly natural?

Deciphering the innocent from the harmful seems next to impossible for anyone who is very little pharmacist. But luckily, we’ve sourced the help of the next best thing: founder of natural-beauty retailer, Orli, and experienced ingredient decoder, Jo Lam.

“Today most people are nonetheless unaware (or more to the issue, unconvinced) that the chemicals stalking in their favourite beauty products and skin care products are having a devastating affect on their health long term,” says Lam.

“We are deteriorating our bodies overall defense mechanisms by slathering the skin with synthetic toxins every day. So as you would clean out your pantry as well as spring clean your wardrobe, I am here to help you detox your beauty drawer.”

Below, Jo Lam names and shames several of the toxic ingredients within mainstream beauty along with skin care products.

Are these toxic ingredients hanging out in your beauty travelling bag?

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