Top Brands Who've Gone Eco-Friendly

We love our planet! Having everyone in agreeance that we’re completely depleting our own ecosystem, we’ve notion up various ways to call home environmentally-friendly lifestyles that go a move beyond the three R’s (decrease, reuse, and delete). For us eco-cautious fashionistas and vegan makeup junkies, it’s no longer necessary to seek far and wide for affordable products are cruelty-free and avoid bestial testing.

Without having to give up at the expense of your furry friends and the entire world as a whole, we can happily cash in on our chosen retailers without experiencing guilty. Along with your fashion retailers, just like H&M, here are a few plastic and skin care collections that have gone eco-friendly.


Don’t you adore the nail improve lines offered at Forever21? Might you believe that these very affordable lavish lacquers will be 100% vegan and cruelty-free? Additionally they carry a handful of faux fur and constructed from wool free items on several of their ranges. Their Rose Beauty Brush Set and their cosmetics line using partner Kat von D, “Love & Beauty” are 100% cruelty-free vegan beauty products available in their stores.


We enjoy H&M, but for not only their trendy clothes. Already a staple way provider with affordable price tags, H&M Informed Collection is made of eco-friendly resources. ?They also carry vegetarian makeup brands amid their 700 and up beauty products and combine faux-leather into their fashion wrinkles. They have even combined with the humane contemporary society to encourage others to fund cruelty-free, vegan products.

John Hardy

More than the choice of fashion designed for hipsters, John Hardy is really a provider of eco-design fashions with their Bamboo Collection. With the collection ‘Wear Bamboo’ and the Plant Bamboo project, the brand plants a jug of Bamboo baby plants for every purchase. Along with recognized celebrity deals with like Emma Watson and Freida Pinto demonstrating support and the aid of customers world-wide, there are around one million seedlings which are sowed this far.

Obsessive Uncontrollable Cosmetics

Rightly named, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics is designed with the vegan make up enthusiast in mind. Starting with an uncomplicated lip balm and also growing into some sort of all-inclusive cosmetics line; proceeding as far to include nail lacquers as eye-catching and beautiful as you. They’re able to carry high quality vegetarian & cruelty free constitute applicators and brushes.


A while eco-conscious fashion provider, Patagonia continues to be actively recycling ever since the year 2005. With 82 tons of gear collected and reused, they allow you to both drop off in store or even ship within the mailbox any Patagonia Brand merchandise so that they may be repaired, recycled appropriately, or maybe transformed into something new forever. They also host any trade in program inside their Portland locations where prospects can purchase these salvageable bits.

Tropic Skin Care

Eco-friendly makeup junkies can rest easy acknowledge that Tropic Skin provides an all-natural, vegetarian cosmetics line. By using a known love for creatures and their welfare, Tropics is an acronym vigilantly against canine testing and produced from a pure plant-based skin treatment formula of botanicals and also organic products. They feature universally fabulous natural skin care products and make-up for a pretty penny… or even two.


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