Rare El'ements Hair Series: The World of Eco-Luxury Hair Care

Smart women everywhere are usually discovering that natural, non-toxic good hair care is an important component to having and keeping exciting, luxurious locks.

I chatted to John Amato, previous salon owner and founding father of Rare El’ements Hair Variety, about his householders’ health, the way that consumerism is transforming, and about the creation of the best hair care line.

Because stylists have personal cable connections with and focus on their client’s would like, the entire hair companies are being refashioned. John claims that hairdressers, not huge companies, are leading the way towards healthier hair products and services.

John owned a leading beauty shop in Beverly Hills intended for 18 years. En route, he met unit Teri La Verne. John revealed, “She was a model along with her hair seemed to be damaged from a lot of styling, bleaching, in addition to highlighting. So we will do special tresses treatments on her.Half inch It wasn’t long before their bond was forged. Any collaboration between this well-known Beverly Hills Salon Manager and fashion type would eventually be the innovation of Exceptional El’ements.

It was around this time which John had a customer bring her own hair shampoo into the salon. John couldn’t help however ask why. “She explained to me she was a cancers of the breast survivor and the girl’s doctor had told her a lot of ingredients throughout shampoos and hair conditioners are carcinogenic.”

This began my concern also, since we were in the process of creating a hair care line, I inquired a chemist friend of mine about it. He laughed and said that while carcinogens compose a very small percentage associated with shampoos and hair conditioners, it is the cumulative benefit of toxins that can sooner or later cause cancer. “Women employ several beauty products everyday such as shampoo, lotions, creams, makeup, and also deodorant. After many years, this unique build-up of toxins can cause cancer.”




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