How to Do Ones Makeup for Any Meeting

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This is not the here we are at glitter and shaping.

You finally got the email from your dream position. Congratulations! Now, actually need a stellar first impression so they want to phone you in again. Basically applaud our subscribers for wanting to be noticeable and be themselves, you will find a time and place for articulating different parts of ourselves. In a very job interview, it’s time to permit our brain glimmer, not our location. Here are our do’s along with don’ts for job interview makeup so your interview panel member can see the real people.


Foundation/BB Cream

Wear a base to cover any sort of dark spots or bumpy skin tone, but only wear as much as is necessary. As opposed to at night when the lights are dim or on-camera if the lights are strong, that you are only going to be three feet away from the interviewer. In this situation, less is more.


Alight Compound BB Cream: $16



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