Does Cosmetic Presentation Affect Your Decision to get?

Do you judge a beauty book by their cover?

In 2016, the global makeup packaging industry industry was worth $24.Three or more billion. By 2020, it’azines expected to reach $31.Four billion, with an annual growth rate of 4.3%. That’ohydrates a big jump in just a couple years. So why any drastic?increase?

Cosmetics information mill getting more inventive using their packaging to take on today’s integration utilizing technology and social websites. If it looks cute, bloggers and followers will be more likely to invest in it, write about this, and promote it general.

Lovers of natural beauty may applaud the fact that models are investing in extra eco-friendly choices. Brands are looking to chic green options by incorporating materials like high-quality recycled plastic, natural cotton, and natural closures (as opposed to metallic ones).

When your going shopping for new makeup, how much of your purchasing decision is based off the product, and how most of it is the cover?







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