#Male Polish: Marc Jacobs Inspires a Male Beauty Instagram Trend

#MalePolish…is this really a thing?

Men are finally?starting to try to make their mark for the beauty industry. Even though they’ll never get up to date to the $260+ billion dollar business that mainly functions women, their interest on skincare and hairdressing is on the rise due to social websites and current trends.

Now, due to the influence connected with Marc Jacobs, men might be commencing to buy and put on nail polish. Indeed, you read that right, and it’ohydrates not just the natural stone stars. In the past, music artists and bands?such as Marilyn Manson, Johnny Depp, Jared Leto, and A.J. McLean have all featured nail polish often times; but the trend Marc Jacobs considered #malepolish is now spreading for the general public.

Even cooler, males aren’t just swaying basic black. A lot of them are even bursting out lavender, glitter glue shades, and metallics. They go all out. While the majority of the men who are athletic this trend happen to be gay, there are most certainly some straight guys that are stepping out of their comfort zone to experiment with something new…and we applaud these folks.

What do you think of this direction? Let us know in the opinions!



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