Is NYFW Bringing Back your Bob?

The 80s is back within the runways.

In keeping with the present 80s revival development, New York Fashion Weeks time showcased a variety of flashback haircuts including crimped hair, huge sexy hair, and also the bob! That’s right, the bob hairstyle was seen at the Jeremy Scott Style Show as superstar Hailey Baldwin walked the designer in this 80s elegant style!

Bobs were colourful and bright, combined with 80s neon shirts, dresses, and trench fur! The bowl frank was never as trendy as it was recently and was accessorized simply by hot pink diamond earrings, purple eye shadow, glowing pink lipstick, plus everything pop fine art!

This is a fresher, newer version of the robert and is the perfect hair do for fall! What is your opinion? Will you be sporting a bowl bob there is much surprise or should this possess stayed in the 80s?



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