Shahnaz husain shares the key to have long black and thick hair

This approach is called ‘Hibiscus Cold Fusion”
It\’s well known about beauty great things about hibiscus flower and from now on one remedy suggested by Shahnaz husain emerged below for hair care, in places you need only these flowers and water.

Here\’s learning to make and workout this infusion

1. Soak hibiscus leaves and flowers, in the ratio of just one, should be to six, in cold water overnight. Which means, through one hibiscus flower, take six hibiscus leaves.

2. Next morning, squeeze the leaves along with the flowers after which it strain the water.

3. Take this water to wash flowing hair after hair wash.

You can also add this water and flowers towards your henna paste for your spa-like experience. This can be infusion regularly to wash flowing hair, and you may be aware of the difference in your own hair soon. Hair might be thicker and will also grow quickly. The hibiscus extract may also deepen nice hair colour making it jet black as you want it.

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