Mood-boosting products that feel and smell amazing

As everyone know, we\’re celebrating positivity month here at, and even though everybody has their own personal take on why is or keeps them positive during this life, today it\’s all about scents, fragrances and smells. Scent is definately an individual\’s experience; our memories is often triggered by way of whiff of perfume as someone walks past, and the smell to be a new jar of night cream is opened, reminding us instantly of auntie, friend or event that happened years before.

Some people poo-poo the entire aromatherapy thing, and while I\’m not really somebody who practices it within a professional capacity, We\’ve always had an interest in it. However, this piece isn\’t really about aromatherapy, you want scents and smells that are uplifting – if they are available in the kind of a candle, hand cream, freshly brewed coffee each morning or perhaps a set of clean sheets overnight.

For me, it will be the crisp, clean aroma of lemons that always brightens my mood, which describes why when I\’m perfecting set or location shooting, I never really wear perfume but instead choose to lemon based cologne.

My go-to is usually L\’Occitane Verbena or Citrus Verbena ($49/100ml), which has been received lots of compliments upwards of time. It\’s light, zingy and fresh and makes me feel like I\’m fine, whether I\’m using the first person I\’m using the services of on that day, and the third or the tenth.

Another mood-boosting product I love would be the Kinvara Rosehip Face Serum ($29.95), which not just works wonders in my lack-lustre skin when your in trouble, but in addition smells delish.

It\’s not labeled in any way as uplifting, nonetheless believe it is is; commemorate me need to suck in deeper whenever Make the most of it. Anybody think way?

Last but on no account least, I couldn\’t talk about positivity and uplifting fragrances point out NEOM Organics who actually have a whole collection called \”Scents to enable you to Happy\”.

The stand-out products personally inside the series have to be the gorgeous Great Day Body Scrub ($41), that\’s infused with wild mint, lemon zest and mandarin (divine!), and also Feel Refreshed, Sicilian Lemon and Basil candle, obtainable in travel size ($19) or full-sized ($36) which is quite simply, beautiful, and does make you feel refreshed.

Do you have any favourite mood boosting fragrances you care for? Or goods that retrieve happy memories?

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