Nine of the most effective heavy-duty hairsprays from save to splurge

Hairspray is one of those stock items everyone has with our beauty arsenal, it\’s just a classic in the end, is it not? Way back to the \’40s and \’50s, it\’s?been used throughout history by millions to maintain their bee-hives, curls and waves available.

These days there are various varieties available it\’d make your head spin: long wear, shine enhancement, natural finish, satin finish, the list goes on. Today, I\’m focusing in around the extreme hold, heavy-duty bad boys that?promise to freeze your style from day to night whether you\’re watching the pennies or in the market to invest.


Silvikrin Maximum Hold Spray ($4.99) and Wella Shockwaves ($3.79) have been popular for ages and work very well on shorter styles or if you desire to slick back fly aways to get a sharp, sleek ponytail. They could be a tad sticky if sprayed too liberally (or too all-around hair) but overall, they maintain it all in check without having fan fare.

Much less sticky, but product ranges . expensive at $6.99 is?Tresemm

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