Get beautiful curly hairs in mere one evening, Without curling iron and parlor session

I will show you an fantastic way to curl your own hair. Do this before heading to sleep. No need of roller or fancy parlor instruments. You just need eggs and mayonnaise.
Follow this steps to receive gorgeous curls in barely one evening:

1: Wash your hair normally in your regular shampoo. Avoid using conditioner. Rinse the shampoo well well with water.
2: Don\’t let hair dry completely, just wrap a wet towel and hair moist for 30-45 minutes.

3: Now comb your own hair into two separate parts.
4: Crack the egg in a bowl and blend one tablespoon of plain Mayonnaise from it. Mix it to have a paste.
5: Apply this paste for your hair avoiding the roots of one\’s.
6: Now make small but tight braids, tighten them just as much as your scalp accepts.
7: Sleep overnight together with the queues braided and the morning you will possess very head of hair.

She have slept 7 hours and you will see the have the picture above.

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