Straightening hair permanently with this particular simple 4 ingredient recipe

Girls with curls want straight hair, and some women with straight hair want curls. Conclusion: we always want might know about don\’t have and we\’re in search of new techniques for getting it. This is exactly why we use lots of hair products and hair straightening irons / curlers daily. But we really do not apparently realize the amount those actions may harm our hair.

There a wide range of natural ways how you can straighten nice hair and make it look healthy and glossy again. As an example, this following recipe turned out to be very efficient in permanently straightening the hair without using heat onto it.

All you would like is:

1 squeezed lemon

2 tablespoons. olive oil
1 cup of coconut oil
3 tbsp. cornstarch
Mix all the ingredients till you receive a smooth mask. Put it on for your hair, place a shower cap on and canopy it which has a hot towel. Leave it to act for 1-2 hours, then rinse it off with a shampoo and conditioner. You\’re amazed of the results!

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