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Why?colour correcting make-up should be your new good friend?

So you’ve mastered preparing (not the Gloria Crocker kind), contouring and strobing. Now, you can add colour repairing to your beauty arsenal.?While it might sound strange to apply?green or purple hued?merchandise, you’d be surprised the way in which beneficial these abnormal colours can be with regard to?your skin.

Colour Correcting 101

Colour repairing is all about using?neutralising?pigments?to surprise, astonish “correct” skin-tone issues to give an even base for a exquisite foundation application. No matter whether you’re looking?to conceal?dark circles, redness?or simply demand an illuminating shine, we’ve got your back.

Here, we’ve decoded?four?types of colour correctors to help you locate?best solution?for your type of skin and concerns.

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