Which blush meets your requirements?

A pop of coloring on your cheeks will make you look healthier, brisker and more awake in just 10 seconds. And, though it’s possible for most of us to drag of a range of shades, there’s most definitely an art to choosing the right impression for your skin tone and sort.

Powder blushes offer serious staying power and many more often that not, fully trust oilier skin types. If you have some sort of blemish or darker spot on your cheek, a powder rose will layer faultlessly over the top of your concealer while a ointment blush can stroke away your bottom part.

The Blush

NARS x Guy Bourdin Exclusive edition Blush in Daytime Dream $45

Got dermititis? Cream and mousse blushes add much-needed moisture that will dehydrated and adult skin. These really pops of colouring can also leave a good dewy, more natural-looking flush, building your skin look ignited from within.? When looking for a cream system, remember to apply before your powdered bronzer and after your foundation. To set, apply a finishing powder snow over the top of your ointment blush.


YSL Crme de Impact, $66

Revlon PhotoReady Crme Blush, $26.95

Cheek stains
would be best applied using palms onto the apples of the cheeks. Once dry, they won’t budge and they’re going to resist against smudging. Perfect for balmy beachfront days, a cheek stain also doubles a flattering major colour.


Benefit Benetint, $55

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