Sporteluxe Sweat-Tested: The Best Workout-Friendly Makeup Manufacturers

We’re all about lulling bare skin regardly as possible-especially after a sebaceous session that leaves us with a dewy skin tone and rosy face.

But sometimes we need a little supercharge from cosmetics to increase our natural beauty. A . m . workouts just feel a?tiny?bit more acceptable with a touch for lip color, and also a swipe of mascara is almost as effective as a cup of coffee for helping you search (and feel) extra awake. And heya, when you look good, you are feeling more confident-and more likely to steel your workout.

But before you try your favorite tried-and-true makeup models, consider this: Many common cosmetics brands utilize toxic ingredients similar to parabens and phthalates?which could disrupt hormones, result in inflammation and bad acne, and have even also been linked to cancer. And when you’re sweating along with that junk onto the skin, odds are pretty good you’re going to absorb quite a few nastiness into your body. Unhealthy.

Solution? Go all-natural. Organic as well as “green” beauty brands currently have evolved so much up to now five years. Gone are classified as the patchouli-scented, mineral-based formulas that slightly worked; now luxe brands like RMS Beauty, Fumes, and Plume are proof-positive that will organic products can function just as well, if not far better, than their standard counterparts without creating breakouts or leeching waste into your body.

In inescapable fact, there are some natural types that focus exclusively on makeup that’verts made for athletes. Ranking! We sweat-tested four workout-friendly makeup brands to see if they held up to our strenuous workout schedules-here’s what actually happened.

Here’s our report on 3?workout-friendly makeup brands

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