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10 Makeup Hair brushes Every Woman Needs

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Most of us are aware of the basics of make-up such as blush, basic foundation, lipstick, powder and eye shadow. But how a number of us know a lot regarding the brushes used for facial foundation application? Did you know that application and tools are just as important as the beauty products itself? And that watercolor brushes play a large part to get the most out of your make-up? Brushes are important since they help fit the contours of your confront so makeup will not be too dark in some zones and too gentle in others.

What are the top 10 makeup brushes you should have in your makeup products bag? And how do you properly use them?


  1. A Foundation Brush

A Foundation Brush carries a flat structure which includes a rounded top. Each day apply flawless base evenly. You can develop your foundation from lean to heavier insurance policy coverage with this brush. Furthermore, as the hairs happen to be densely packed, a person’s foundation will have a streak-free complete.

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