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Top 10 Lip Shades For Winter

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This winter lip color will show a dramatic difference compared to spring and summer.?While lighter pastels using gloss were well-liked earlier this year, winter 2016 will certainly reflect a deeper, richer and more spectacular season!


In addition to deeper colors, lipsticks will be flat with little or no shine. You might remember flat lipsticks from the 90’s.?Brand new, modern formulations let matte lipstick for being less dry. Many people now glide upon effortlessly and still give that sophisticated matte look.?Here are the top ten lip colours to watch out for this come!


  1. Brick Red

Deep, rich and highly pigmented, brick reddish lip color never goes out of style. This can be a classic seen regarding everyone from Rita Hayworth to Lana Turner. It is Old The movies glamour at their best! Try The french language Wine?by Fou Fou Cosmetics!, $15.00.

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