Alicia Keys Will Not Be Putting on Makeup on 'Any Voice'. Here's Why.

A celebrity isn’t about to wear makeup with network television? Indeed!

This season of?The Voice was introduced this Sunday nights with a brand new cast connected with judges. This season, we’ll get to see?Alicia Keys along with Miley Cyrus?join a bombastic bromance that is Adam Levine and Blake Shelton.

For those who tuned throughout, or have recently embroiled, you’ve probably found a big difference in this months. No, it’s not Miley’s outfits. We all expected that. It’ohydrates the fact that Alicia Keys isn’t wearing ANY beauty products. Back in May, this lady wrote a piece intended for Lena Dunham’s Lenny Letter speaking about her issues with self-esteem and fame. Wearing too much makeup?was one of several reasons.


“Every time I personally left the house, We would be worried if I failed to put on makeup: Let’s say someone wanted a perception?? What if they Published it??? These were any insecure, superficial, but honest thoughts I assumed. And all of it, somehow, was based an excessive amount on what other people considered me.

I found my very own way to meditation, and i also started focusing on quality and a deeper recognizing of myself. I really focused on cultivating durability and conviction and set a practice in place to understand more about the real me.”


As people, women, and chap creatives, we applaud her own for doing exactly what feels right for the girl and her manufacturer. However, as a team to know beauty, it’s lots different to not dress yourself in makeup on television as opposed to to not wear it in your everyday living. There are no harsh equipment and lighting and awkward camera angles in everyday life. One can find those things on TV.

From that which we can see from their honour to Christina Grimmie, their take care of of Aerosmith’s “Desire On”, Keys’s face wasn’l shiny and we may barely see the woman freckles. We suspect jane is still wearing basic foundation and powder, the same as the men, if not more product. If that’s not true, her skin tone is just that remarkable.

Alicia Keys looks breathtaking either way and we love her new look. What’s your opinion? Should celebrities be wearing less makeup on the telly?





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